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If you are looking to find an experienced performer for your next project or event, whether it be a commercial, feature film or tv series, fashion shoot or parade, please email us at for a free quote.

We provide a safe, long term management organisation that tracks and processes commissions and residuals while negotiating contracts over many years.

Agency888 prides itself on developing our staff to constantly be creative talent support and have our own accounts person on staff to help us achieve this in our day-to-day operations.
Abiding by the MEAA guidelines for management of actors and models, we charge our talent a 10% commission for any work they do. This commission can be reduced for quality performers
who bring with them a portfolio of rollovers or residuals.

If you are an actor moving from another agency, we will also charge 10% commission for any work that you bring from other agencies.

Think you have what it takes to be represented by 888? email us at for a free assessment of your potential.

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