Yes, you probably get tired of your agents telling you that you need to update your headshots. But why do agents insist so much that you do?

Casting directors are very busy people. In the hectic world of castings, they work with your agents to find the talent they need for the productions they’re casting for.

So when your agent submits you for a job, it’s extremely important that your headshots show you the way you look right now. If you changed your hair colour, got a haircut or your hair is longer; If something changed drastically in the way you look since you last updated your photos; if you were 12 years old when you got your last photos and now you’re 15 and a lot taller than before; it’s time for new photos.

Digital Enhancing

We get asked often why don’t we “Photoshop” the headshots we do at the agency.

We don’t for the same reason why you should have updated photos: you need to look like you.

There’s nothing worse than an actor or extra with photos that are enhanced and don’t look like them (well, fair enough, selfies are worse than that).

I already made it in the industry, why should I get new photos?

Matthew’s new headshots

Because you should. Just because you’re known in the industry now, it doesn’t mean casting directors and other clients don’t want to know what you look like RIGHT NOW.

You might remember our amazing young actor Matthew Joseph, who we showcased in our blog last week. Well, guess what? He’s killing in the industry right now, but his photos are two years old and he got a lot taller during the 4 months he was on set in Thailand for an international TV series, so this past weekend he came to the agency to get his new headshots done. He’s not just taller, but also looks more mature.

How do I get new Headshots?

If you’re represented by Agency 888, Movie Extras Club or 8Elite Models, get in touch. If you are and still prefer to go somewhere else for your photos, that’s ok too, but please talk to us before you do that so you don’t end up spending thousands of dollars in photos that will not help you for castings. There are lots of amazing studios creating amazing imagery out there, but it doesn’t mean those photos will work to get you work. If you’re not represented by us, we can also help you get headshots that work.

Headshots should be simple, not digitally enhanced and you should be connecting with the camera.

Remember that and if you have any questions, get in touch with us!

Here are some photos we did at the agency this last weekend.