Agency888 Inc



Adinah Jastrowicz presents Agency888 to the world, with her graphic design and web design expertise, and savvy digital marketing and wider marketing skill sets. Add a superb work ethic and a genuine desire to help others achieve their potential too – it’s the kind of energy that creatives thrive on!

“I believe that nothing comes to those who wait, if you want something you have to work three times harder than everyone else and become a master of your craft. This is what I practise and hope that my commitment and dedication can inspire others.”

As Group Brand Marketing Manager, Adinah is responsible for 888’s brand on all platforms, and in all divisions. “As I’ve already done with Web Services 888, I hope to create and grow new divisions within the company as we expand.”

Adinah thinks people are one of the highlights of working in the entertainment industry. “The variety and the openness of most of the people that I meet is very inspiring. Also my 888 tribe is just the best. Entertainment is a great subject matter for me, as a designer.”

Adinah believes in personal and professional growth. “My mantra is: always go to bed more educated than you wake up. I stay disciplined and practise to advance my skill set.” For sure, the world is going to know about Adinah, and we’re so lucky to have her with us!