Bruno Domingues has seen a fair bit of the world, being from Brazil and having worked over twenty years in the IT industry, before deciding to take the plunge and pursue his passion, which is photography.

Once fully immersed in the world of digital creatives it wasn’t long before Agency888 snapped him up and Bruno has been the company’s official photographer ever since. That was four years ago, and since that time Bruno has watched many people book jobs based on his images of them. He has also been on set as a background extra, to better understand the industry’s needs, and his clients’ end goals.

“Being a photographer for 888 brings me close to so many amazing, creative people. It makes me extremely happy to be able to create the images they need to get them moving forward with their own careers.”

Bruno organises Natural Light Outdoor Portraits workshops, and runs a ​photography community group​ on Facebook. The workshops help other photographers hone their craft, and create opportunities for groups of models and photographers to work together to make exciting thematic collections.

Bruno intends to build his experience as a photographer, in both film and entertainment, and in the advertising space. In the constantly evolving world of digital art, Bruno’s multi-disciplinary background will hold him in good stead for the years to come. We look forward to seeing more of his work!