Taylor is an actor with Agency888 and the acting coach for several courses with the agency. Currently she works out of the Gold Coast office where she teaches the Level 1 Intro to Film and Tv, American Accent, British Accent and Level 2 Advanced acting course. Some of the work Taylor does during her courses include: workshopping monologues and duologues, filming mock auditions in front of the camera, learning how to break down a script, developing self-confidence, exploring and training in various acting practitioners and techniques, learning how to develop character, and the fundamental basics of acting including expressing emotion, stage/film presence, how to audition and creating an authentic performance. With a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Music from the University of Queensland as well as numerous years of stage experience, both as a performer and Musical Director, Taylor is living her fullest life and on her way to making her biggest dreams come true.

“I love working in the arts, especially as an actor and acting teacher. People always ask, why the arts? And for me the answers is always very simple: Because it’s a time to explore myself and it’s a place for me to express my true self. Acting taught me confidence and helped me find my own voice. It’s an outlet to share my ideas with the world – my vision brought to life. It’s why I love teaching acting. I love helping others find their own inner passions and inner creatives, and guiding them to find their true selves full of confidence and love for life”.

“I get to work in an industry where my job every day is to play. I get to create, construct, imagine and become whoever I want to be. One day I am a detective, the next I am a sorcerer, there is never a boring moment. On the days I myself am not acting, I get to impart my knowledge and skills onto the up and coming generations and show them the beauty and power of acting; the power to move an audience to feel or believe something that they didn’t know they could feel or believe. My hopes for the future, is that one day I will see myself on that big, silver screen, or on a beautiful stage performing live theatre. But no matter I am doing, I always want to be teaching, and training those who come next, so I can watch them grow and bud into beautiful performers. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing a student succeed and achieve their acting goals.”ect of acting that could be considered practical at the ‘rubber meets the road’ level. I shake the sauce bottle of people’s emotions and get them rattled at the heart to motivate them out of ‘look at me, look at me’. I help actors to care about their work because it affects the world around them, and show them that they can become a part of something within the industry, by growing into someone who cares enough to give back, rather than just waiting on someone to pat their ego.”

Kelly is the director of ​The Actor’s Journey​, which is based at the Princess Theatre in Brisbane. He trained in the Sanford Meisner technique for four years under the mentorship of Billy Milionis at the renowned Actors Pulse in Sydney. He won ‘Best Film’ twice including the West End Film Festival and Reel Film Festival in Newcastle. Along with these were two ‘Best Director’ awards locally and internationally, and multiple awards in New Zealand for dance.

“For me right now, the journey is creating my first feature film with the actors I work with, create more value for the agency in terms of excellence that speaks for itself, through people’s quality of work and projects they can bring. Also connecting some of the greatest local talent and completing our major stage production that is on this year.”