Agency888 Inc

Damien B.

Profile Information

  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   40-46
  • Country:   Australia
  • Base:   Brisbane (Available Gold Coast, Australia Wide and International)
  • Ethnicity:   Caucasian
  • Height:   175cm
  • Chest:   116cm
  • Waist:   112cm
  • Clothing Size:   Male - L
  • Shoe Size:   10
  • Hair Color:   Dark Brown
  • Eye Color:   Light Brown
  • Hair Type:   Long, Wavy


2019 – Positive Impact Academy Intro to FILM Castings/Screen

2019 Bud Hopes ‘Get Set’ with Bud Hopes Preparation for being on set.


Feature Film
2019 Extra: Pub Patron Blackwater: Abyss Thrills & Spills Andrew Traucki

2019 Audience Member Wireless Criss Gidas

2019 Audience Member Debatable Dan Taylor

2019 Flock Member Vivian

2019 Family Member The Announcement Rist Brothers Rist Brothers

2019 Cult Member Burning Man Stephan Lance

2019 Bar Tender Jeremy Independant Jaden Bowen

2019 Crowd Member Grip JMC Jason Joseph

2019 Tradie Audition Bus Collaboration Collaboration

2019 Cafe Patron Attack of the Incels QUT Liam Power

2019 Audience Member Othered GFS Jeremy Bobby

2019 Performer Spiritual farm Griffith university Madaline Healy

2019 Prison Inmate Reef Break ABC International / Touchston… Jo Suna

Web Series
2019 Club patron/Rehab Patient Copperpiller Hired Goons Tim G
2019 Party Goer Hired goons Hired goons Tim G

Music Video
2019 Abusive Father Emotion Killer Independant Emotion Killer

2019 Crowd Member My Kind Of Chaos Grace Julia

Additional Skills

Natural Accent

Drivers Licences